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TikTok Bundle - $24.99

TikTok Bundle - $24.99

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The Ever Hero Saga-verse 

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“I felt like I was there with the characters.”
“Details are spot on and I would love to see this as a series on TV.”
“It is exciting and pulls you in.”
“I can't wait to see what happens next!”
“The bad guys are very evil and powerful beyond measure.”
“Can the good guys overcome the overwhelming odds?”
“The journey to the end of this first book is long, arduous, and full of action, suspense, and betrayal.”
“Loved the book it was amazing.”
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Over 2,700 pages of action, adventure, sorcery, and courage!
When the demons came, ransacking his monastery, killing his friends and mentors, Kasai’s mind screamed, “Flee! Run while you can!” But he didn’t. Honor demanded he fight back, no matter the cost or how much he wanted it to be someone else's problem.
Escaping her doomed village, orphaned and alone, Desdemonia begins a new life in the deep forest. A chance encounter with a young monk sets events in motion which will force her to choose sides; fight for what is right and just or unleash the chaos magic burning in her veins against a world who has turned its back on her.
Enter the archdevil, Sekka of Gathos, hellbent on conquest and lacking but one final piece to guarantee her victory; the soul of the next Ever Hero. Hope will not be enough to stop her or the hordes of demons at her command.
A novice monk must harness the power of a fire elemental dragon trapped within an ancient staff before the world tumbles into darkness.
Follow in the footsteps of two unlikely companions, fighting against overwhelming odds in a last-ditch effort to stop Sekka from opening a dreaded Chaos Gate, and with it the doom of the Three Kingdoms.
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