Don't wait for these BUNDLE DEALS to expire and miss out on your huge savings. Multiple series collide in one epic saga with plenty of heroes to root for and fret over, who grapple with complex moral decisions as the boundaries between Good and Evil become dangerously obscured.

You'll journey to marvelous worlds, through grand cities, and experience diverse cultures as the timeless battle rages on, you'll ponder: will Chaos reign supreme against the pillars of Law and Order, or will the unwavering courage and determination outshine the ruthless malevolence of dark forces and their followers?

Discover the fate of the mortals ensnared amidst this cosmic tug-of-war and escape now into the world of the Ever Hero.

Hello! I'm Jeff Pantanella

I write stories of hope and courage during the darkest of times with heroes who stand against impossible odds, not because they want to but because they must.