Jeff Pantanella is a writer whose love of art and fantasy has led him to create rich and compelling stories that will transport you to other worlds. With a background in fine art painting and a lifelong passion for fantasy, his stories are known for their gritty realism, vivid descriptions, and immersive world-building. His complex characters and intricate plots will keep you on the edge of your seat.


His love of fantasy began at an early age with his obsession for drawing heroes fighting monsters and playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends. After studying fine art at the Rhode Island School of Design and serving as a Guggenheim Fellow in Italy, he turned his talents to writing. His stories are characterized by their gritty realism and smart take on the epic and dark fantasy genre.


Jeff's epic and dark fantasy stories are full of twists and turns, with characters who are both heroic and flawed, fighting battles in old town streets, leading armies across hostile terrain, or maneuvering through political machinations in the halls of power. If this is your type of story, you’re sure to be hooked from beginning to end.


“These books do a really good job of delving deeper into the characters while building a highly descriptive picture of the universe they play in. I enjoy the action, the adventure, and the character interaction. And unlike some books which seem to blip past and done, the world(s) in this series keep growing and get better as they expand. I highly recommend the Ever Hero series.” ~J Krug


...And make no mistake, I do love a meaty lobster roll (or two!) ~Jeff