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A young mystic warrior must learn to harness the power of a fire elemental dragon trapped within an ancient staff. But will his untested powers be enough to stop what's coming? 

Hi, I'm Jeff, author of the Ever Hero Saga and I'll make this quick. Right now I'm having a MASSIVE SALE on my epic and dark fantasy story collection. Filled with action and adventure pitting mortal heroes against preternatural villains, my stories delve into two main themes: Good vs Evil and the blurred lines between the two absolutes, and finding deep courage when faced against unsurmountable odds. 

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* Atmospheric World Building?

* Complex & Flawed Characters, Memorable Villains, & Anti-Heroes?

* Grand Scale and Stakes with Epic Journeys and Quests?

* Gritty Realism with a believable dark side?

* An Unpredictable Plot?

Then, you will LOVE the EVER HERO SAGA series, PLUS I'm adding the first two ebooks in the first spin off series. Kazumi leaps into the storyline after Book 4: The Forgotten Gods and becomes another major hero/anti-hero in the over-reaching arc.

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The first four eBooks in the Ever Hero Saga, + the novella, Sekka, + a collection of short tales detailing the origin stories of the main characters, + FREE Book One: Kazumi, Demon Spirit, + FREE Book Two: Kazumi, Wicked Fox (the first two eBooks the Night Blades Series) ALL for ONE low price! 

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✅  Book Two: THE FOE WARS

✅  Book Three: THE DIVINE FIST


✅  Short Story Collection: ORIGINS

✅  Novella: SEKKA




The Chaos Gate: A young orphan is taken in by a mysterious order of monks who teach him the ways of mystic power, hoping to reincarnate a demigod. When the demons came, ransacking his monastery, killing his friends and mentors, Kasai’s mind screamed, “Flee! Run while you can!” But he didn’t. Honor demanded he fight back, no matter the cost or how much he wanted it to be someone else's problem.

The Foe Wars: She will be their dark queen or destroy it all.
Kasai's darkest hour has arrived; he is captured by Sekka and given an ultimatum: defeat her nemesis Zizphander or watch his companions perish. Any hope of success lies within the unleashing the god-like powers of the Ever Hero, but without guidance, his odds of success are slim. Meanwhile, Desdemonia is torn between whose side she belongs, good or evil.

The Divine Fist: Why have the angels forsaken us?
Kasai and Desdemonia escape the Abyss for the Seven Heavens but are imprisoned on arrival, accused of consorting with the enemy. Raguel, an archangel, seeks revenge against Aetenos by destroying his progeny, the Ever Hero. The Ancients, driven mad by the scent of fresh souls, are coming, and the Three Kingdoms are defenseless. 

The Forgotten Gods: Dark gods descend—the bloodsucking kind.
Six years after the Second Frost War, Hanna is a dystopian wasteland. Kasai returns to Ordu seeking solace but finds none. Cyrus Wraith, a Master Monk, offers guidance to Kasai in rebuilding the Four Orders of Light, but his obsession with Ninziz-zida complicates matters. A new danger rises, and Kasai must choose between saving Desdemonia or himself. 

Kazumi, Demon Spirit: Kazumi Hime was born to slay demons, until the fateful day she became one.
Kazumi, a ninja warrior, seeks to prove herself worthy to be a Night Blade, but her mother, the High Priestess of the Yoru Ya-iba clan, denies her the training. Venturing into the wilderness alone, Kazumi is attacked by a chaos beast, which transforms her into her sworn enemy. Outcast, Kazumi meets Sunny, who helps her find a cure and harbors a wicked truth.

Kazumi, Wicked Fox: Misfits, outcasts, tricksters; who could ask for better heroes? Within a city cloaked in shadows and ancient mysteries, Kazumi and Sunny join Sophia Jolla, a young noblewoman with a shattered birthright and a hidden agenda. Together, they mount a last-ditch effort to stop the D’Vross nightmare from spreading. The question lingers: who poses a greater threat, the would-be tyrants or the young maiden claiming innocence?

Novella Sekka: Vast legions of demons and fiends grovel at her feet, but it is not enough; gods must tremble. The Abyss is a world of chaos and conflict where weakness is purged, and failure equals death. Three Supreme Devils rule with uncontested might until a young, ambitious devil sets out on a path to overthrow them all.

Shorts: Origins A collection of origin stories of your favorite heroes and villains in the Ever Hero World. 


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