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Book 2 in the Night Blades miniseries - Book 6 in the Ever Hero Saga on going series.

About this premium eBook:

 In a world hovering on the brink of eternal darkness, Kazumi, the fearless teenaged demon slayer, and her companion, Sunny, the enigmatic fox-devil, emerge as humanity’s final shield against the malevolent House D’Vross; sinister vampire lords ruling over Gethem.

 Fueled by vengeance and burdened with the weight of her ancestors, Kazumi, the newly anointed High Priestess of her clan, seeks justice for her fallen family, wielding her razor-sharp katana and lightning-fast wakizashi. All the while, Lily, the demon spirit sharing her soul, offers dark bargains for freedom.

 Within a city cloaked in shadows and ancient mysteries, Kazumi and Sunny join Sophia Jolla, a young noblewoman with a shattered birthright and a hidden agenda. Together, they mount a last-ditch effort to stop the D’Vross nightmare from spreading. The question lingers: who poses a greater threat, the would-be tyrants or the young maiden claiming innocence?

 In this enthralling sequel, witness Kazumi and Sunny’s determined resolve and unwavering friendship face the ultimate tests of betrayal and heartbreak when a haunting truth lurking beneath the surface of lies is uncovered.

 “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Demon!” An anime and manga inspired action romp set within the world of the Ever Hero Saga. Buy Book Two: KAZUMI, Wicked Fox now and read the continuing story of a teenaged ninja warrior with a dark secret. Book Two in the Night Blades Series, Book Six in the Ever Hero Saga.

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