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About this premium eBOOK: THIS OMNIBUS eBOOK contains the complete versions of books ONE, TWO, THREE, plus a bonus NOVELLA in the Ever Hero Saga.

Dive into the enthralling depths of "The Ever Hero Saga," where mortal heroes are compelled to confront the formidable gods of Law and Chaos—not out of desire, but of dire necessity. In this dark fantasy series, prepare to be swept away by a storm of mystic heroes and elemental magic, set against a backdrop of treacherous divine plots and the eternal struggle for balance.

What Lies Within:

  • Mystic Heroes & Battle Mages: Witness the awe-inspiring power of mystic fighters and sorcerers as they wield their arcane abilities against formidable foes.
  • Elemental Magic & Enchanted Weapons: From fiery swords to tempestuous spells, the arsenal of magic is both diverse and deadly.
  • Daring Creatures: Mischievous fox-devils, bloodthirsty vampires, cunning werewolves, and eerie undead ghouls populate this perilous world.
  • Humor & Heart: Experience witty banter amidst daring quests and a supernatural spice that adds a blush to the cheeks of the bravest.
  • Divine & Diabolical: Angels, devils, and other celestial beings clash in epic battles that blur the lines between good and evil.
  • Legendary Beasts & Beings: From the stealthy ninja to the regal dragons and elusive kirin, every corner of this universe brims with excitement and danger.

Epic Narrative Arc: In the heart of the saga, a young orphan named Kasai is thrust into the world of mystic power when he is taken in by an enigmatic order of monks. His peaceful life is shattered when demons descend upon his sanctuary, leading him on a desperate escape to protect a dying master. Along this treacherous path, Kasai encounters Desdemonia, a solitary wood witch who saves him from the clutches of chaos beasts. But their fateful meeting sets them on a collision course with destiny, as the archdevil Sekka of Gathos plots to unleash untold destruction through the Chaos Gate.

As Kasai and Desdemonia navigate alliances and confront their inner demons, they unravel mysteries and gather allies from the most unlikely of places. Together, they face the monumental task of preventing the apocalypse, challenging the gods themselves, and deciding the fate of the Three Kingdoms.

Special Edition Features: This comprehensive volume includes the complete adventures of books one through three and an exclusive novella, all packed into a single thrilling paperback. Perfect for fans of dark fantasy, "The Ever Hero Saga" offers a labyrinth of subplots and interconnected series, with scattered hints and clues for the observant reader to piece together the greater story.

Embark on this spellbinding journey where the thin veil between heroism and heresy is constantly tested, and the fate of worlds hangs by a thread. Will the mortal heroes succeed in their audacious challenge against the gods? Only the bravest dare to find out.

THIS SINGLE eBOOK contains the complete versions of books ONE, TWO, THREE, and a bonus NOVELLA.

Book One: The Chaos Gate

Book Two: The Foe Wars

Book Three: The Divine Fist

Bonus Novella: Sekka (origin story)

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  • Native e-readers on Apple and Android products
  • Microsoft Surface and tablets of all kinds
  • iPads, iPods, iPhones
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